You’ll never be short on things to do when you visit Orlando – in fact, you may find that you can’t fit in everything you want to see and do during your holiday to this city. To help you choose which attractions to visit, Travelup offers some more information about the most popular spots in Orlando.

You can’t mention Orlando without discussing the Disney World Resort; although the city has plenty to offer aside from this, it remains one of the most well loved attractions here, with many Travelup reviews citing this resort as their favourite attraction in Orlando. The resort is made up of four theme parks, including Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot Centre and Magic Kingdom.

You can visit each one individually, or alternatively a ‘hopper’ pass can be purchased, so that you can take a trip around each one. Thrills and spills, classic children’s film characters and an abundance of places to dine make this a great place for a day, or even a week of fun.

Another option for theme park enthusiasts is Universal Orlando – this is made up of two different parks, namely Universal Studios Florida, and Universal Islands of Adventure. Here, Travelup explains, adults and children alike can experience their favourite cartoons, comic books, movies and stories in the form of cutting edge thrill rides and live shows.

Universal Orlando Travelup

SeaWorld Orland is a must for anyone who loves water rides and non-stop action; this attraction is home to shows, featuring whales and various other aquatic creatures, as well as fireworks, fountains and plenty of gravity defying rides. Another nature-based attraction which is popular with tourists is Discovery Cove, which allows visitors to get a glimpse of life in the tropics. You can relax on the beach snorkel with stingrays and fish, swim with the dolphins or feed tropical birds.

For anyone interested in reptiles, Travelup says that a trip to Orlando would not be complete without a visit to ‘Gatorland’, home to thousands upon thousands of crocodiles and alligators. You can meet the creatures face to face at the petting zoo, take in a show or view the breeding marsh.

Many travel analysts agree that New York City is arguably the most sprawling and vibrant in the world, occupying 5 main neighbourhoods  with each having its own unique identity.

Travelup Reviews reveal that Manhattan borough is home to some of the most recognisable New York sites, dominating a popular perception of New York City. Some of the most famous regions include the Financial District and Wall Street, where investment banks coexist with landmarks such as the Trinity Church. The World Trade Centre was also in this district, until the tragic destruction in 2001, however today you can visit a memorial and a museum under construction.

If you are keen on African American studies, then you must visit Harlem while in New York, which is home to the Harlem renaissance and arguably, the country’s most cultural, artistic and literally district. You will appreciate the many southern restaurants and jazz clubs in the district says Travelup.

A visit to the Manhattan district is incomplete without a visit to the Hell’s Kitchen and Times Square. You will find numerous souvenir shops, Broadway musicals, and enormous billboards. A few blocks to the west, you find the famous Hell’s Kitchen, which is a community filled with bars, shops, eclectic restaurants, and the actors temple. Travelup Reviews

The other notable region include the Greenwich Village, which has some of the most expensive town houses in New York state, has a wide range of music clubs, bars and shops. The East Village is multi ethnic, in which young professionals and students have gone a long way to redevelop. Travelup Reviews say you are most likely to find vegetarian restaurants, craft shops, cafes, art exhibitions among others.

This is a huge borough stretching from the elegant Brooklyn Heights, to the festive Coney Island, but regardless of where they originate from, the dwellers are largely proud of their borough. Some of the attractions that they are proud of and that you will appreciate as well include the Brooklyn botanical garden, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Brooklyn museum.

If you love baseball, then you must visit Bronx, which is home to the New York Yankees as well as a well-manicured botanical garden. Lastly, end your travelup trip in Queens if you want to experience cosmopolitan lifestyle and cuisine, including cheap ethnic restaurants. This is also home to the Flushing Meadows and the Moving Image.