The United States of America aren’t running short on iconic monuments. The USA is home to landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, the Empire State Building even Cape Canaveral, but few of these memorable monuments have quite the same inspirational appeal or cultural significance as the Statue of Liberty. No visit to New York is complete without stopping off to pay homage to the colossal statue built to embody the American dream.
TravelupThe Statue of Liberty is a huge neoclassical statue of Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. The statue embodies the principles of freedom, justice and opportunity.  Standing on Liberty Island, it rises triumphantly over the Hudson River to welcome all new coming settlers to the country. Throughout the twentieth century the millions of worldwide migrants to the USA sailing in up the Hudson River, were inspired by the bold statue.

The statue was actually a French creation gifted to America in 1886. The design was by architect Frederic Bartholdi. Bartholdi in fact had a penchant for giant statues: he’d previously spent years proposing a replica Colossus to be built at the entrance to the Suez Canal. His Statue of Liberty was agreed upon to mark the centenary of the USA and cement relations between the USA and France.

Bartholdi built a twin statue in Paris that the American statue was copied from and shipped across the ocean limb by limb. Visitors to Paris today are still regularly surprised to see the original Statue of Liberty rising over the Seine, but slightly embarrassingly dwarfed by the nearby Eiffel Tower.

No replica can compare to the New York Statue of Liberty though. No other monument has so effectively captured American ideals of freedom as well as the unembarrassed sense of bold ambition that is the American dream. It is a statue that inspired generations of American settlers and still strikes awe into the hearts of those who visit.

Liberty Island is open to visitors by regular ferry rides, although the statue can be seen and enjoyed from almost anywhere around the Hudson. Visiting details to Liberty Island, as well as travel and accommodation information for New York is available on Travelup Reviews. Travelup Reviews contains a comprehensive collection of essential information on many destinations; it is then easy to book any vacation through the Travelup website.