Oakland is a large metropolitan city noted more for its urban communities and architecture. Just outside the city however, visitors are treated to some of the most pleasant countryside in the USA, the rolling California hills and San Francisco Bay area.Travelup ReviewsNo trip to Oakland could be considered complete without a trip to explore the breath taking countryside of surrounding California. Due to the region’s wonderfully warm climate, it’s always good weather for hiking around Oakland. Whether you’re after relaxing rolling hills, city vistas, waterside strolls or even more adventurous mountain climbing, the land around Oakland has it all. Five of the most popular hikes and walking trips accessible quickly from Oakland include;

- Batteries to Bluffs Trail

This short waterside trail provides idyllic views of birds and boats drifting across the San Francisco Bay, as well as dynamic views of monuments like the enormous Golden Gate Bridge that straddles it.

- Muir Woods and Tourist Club Loop

For a gentle family forestry jaunt this hike is perfect. Taking you through forests of giant redwood trees, the Muir Woods are awe inspiring, thought provoking as well as relaxing.

- Mount Diablo’s Grand Loop

For a little bit more adventure Mount Diablo provides vast panoramic views of the whole San Francisco Bay area, meaning you can look back to where you’ve come from Oakland.

- Steep Ravine via Matt Davis, Mt Talmapais

Cut by thousands of years of water coursing through, Steep Ravine is an enchanting hidden gem in beautiful Marin County’s crown.

- Sibley Volcanic Geology Hike

For something a bit different, the Sibley Valley is formed by the lava flow of a long extinct volcano. What remains today, is a fascinating landscape of igneous rock formations and old magma tunnels. The geology hike is a great way to engage kids in geology.

It’s easy to get out of the city and into the countryside either by hiring a car or taking advantage of Oakland’s excellent public transport network. You can find details on Oakland transportation through the Travelup Reviews website or arrange car hire through the main Travelup website. Travelup are highly regarded travel agents who offer a range of great deals on travel packages to destinations all around the world, and are perfect to advise any travellers looking to get on their feet and explore the countryside of California.

Travelup ReviewsOakland is a port city off the northern coast of California. While it may not be as popular a travel destination as other parts of California, like San Francisco or Los Angeles, it is has a lot going for it and should be considered for your next holiday.

Oakland houses a number of events every year ranging from sports and concerts, to theatre productions and art exhibits. Traveling to attend one of these many events is a great opportunity to observe what else Oakland has to offer. Hotel accommodation and fine dining alone could make your trip one to remember. Highly rated restaurants include Commis, Ballanico and Zachary’s Chicago Pizza.

If you’re traveling to Oakland for sightseeing, there are several landmarks you will want to make sure you don’t miss. 16th Street Station, USS Potomac, the African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO), Jack London Square, and the Oakland Museum of California are all must-see locations. There is no shortage of things to plan when visiting Oakland. The Oakland Zoo, alone, offers enough entertainment to plan a vacation around.

Oakland has an international reputation for its urban population, but there are many beautiful locations that offer the fresh air and scenery any outdoor enthusiast would appreciate. There are many outdoor activities and areas to check out if you’re looking to enjoy the scenery Oakland has to offer. If this is the aim of your vacation, be sure to check out the Sibley Volcanic Geology Hike, also known as the Mazzariello Labyrinth. Other natural hotspots include the Easy Bay Regional Park District, Lake Merritt, Lakeside Park and Garden Center, Tilden Nature Area.

For people interested in cultural activities there are a few places to check out. The Cathedral of Christ the Light, Mountain View Cemetery, Chabot Space and Science Center, Dunsmuir House, and various other locations will make your trip one to remember. Whereas if you are a family that needs to keep the kids occupied, Fairyland and Paramount Theatre are very popular locations with special events and activities on offer throughout the season. These areas are highly regarded by past visitors and are sure to amuse even the most demanding traveller. Those that give the city a chance will be pleasantly surprised by what they can get out of this often overlooked destination.

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