Orlando is a city most famous for its proximity to the Disneyland theme park. For millions of families a year Orlando is little more than a stopping off point before heading down to Disneyland. Savvy travellers know that there’s much more to Orlando however, as well as the city’s own mix of modern culture and parks, Orlando’s other great attraction is the world famous Cape Canaveral. Orlando is just under an hour’s drive away from Cape Canaveral and so perfectly situated for a visitor’s attraction that is literally out of this world.TravelupCape Canaveral is famous and of incredible significance all over the world as the jewel of the US space program. The site, on the east end of Merritt Island on the Atlantic coast, was selected to be the location of the Kennedy Space centre where the vast majority of US space missions are launched from.  The location on Merritt Island was chosen partly because it was sparsely populated; meaning less people were at danger from potential accidents, but also due to the island’s southern location. Rocket scientists found that, due to the Earth’s curvature, linear velocity was greatest closer to the equator; this makes it’s easier for rocket taking off to escape the Earth’s atmosphere.

The vast majority of US space missions have been carried out from Cape Canaveral, including the iconic Apollo missions. Cape Canaveral was where Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins launched in Apollo 11 to become the first people in human history to set foot on the Moon. Viewed live by over 500 million people around the world, the Apollo 11 Moon Landing is possibly the most impressive achievement of human history to date and Cape Canaveral is the place that made it possible. Disneyland can’t really compete with that.

Although the Space Shuttle program has finished, visitors can still come to see rockets launching into space on missions of science and exploration. Cape Canaveral also has extensive visitor’s centres that bring its inspirational history to life.

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Orlando has become universally synonymous with Disney World, and rest assured the cartoon mouse pretty much dominates the area. Much of the financial success of the Orlando area can be attributed to the grossly unbalanced tourism industry in Orlando in comparison to other parts of the state. Disney obviously employees many performers and entertainers, and once the mouse ears come off, they contribute to the burgeouning Orlando entertainment scene. The Orlando Shakespeare Theater is a local favorite, offering all of the classics performed by a group of very talented actors. There is also Mama’s Comedy Show, which is set in a smaller venue and encourages audience participation. If you aren’t too shy that is probably worth a visit.

For nature lovers and thrill seekers, Central Florida is also home to Discovery Cove, where you can swim with the dolphins and relax on the lazy river, which features a waterfall and cave. If you’re looking for even more excitement, then try iFly Orlando; a wind tunnel that allows you to experience the exhilaration of jumping out of an aeroplane without actually jumping out of an aeroplane.

Any grown ups who visit Disneyland will be pleased to know there is one attraction they cannot miss: Around the World at Epcot Center. No expense has been spared in this recreation of different parts of the globe, the employees all hail from the different countries they are assigned, adding to the authenticity of the experience. Its no substitution for actual globe trotting, but once you enjoy a Bellini in Italy, a perfect, cool margarita in Mexico, and a glass of grower champagne in France, there’s a small chance you might forget you are in a Florida theme park.

Outside of the them parks, the dining scene in Orlando is mostly geared toward small town tourists, and there is a disproportionate number of chain restaurants compared to ones with local flair. There are a couple of exceptions that are worth the visit: Chatham’s Place has been around for many years, and still impresses the locals with it’s hospitality and uniqueness, and Café Tu Tu Tango is a fun restaurant with the recurring theme of “Food for the Starving Artist” and features art work from local painters and photographers on the wall, all of which are for sale.

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Orlando, FloridaThe first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people when they think about Orlando in Florida is Mickey Mouse, rollercoasters and theme parks. This sunny part of the world has become a bit of a theme park homeland attracting families and couples from all over the planet to experience the rides and adventures on offer.


One of the most recent additions to the Orlando theme park roster is Harry Potter World, which is part of the Universal Islands of Adventure. Other impressive parks that you might already know of are Busch Gardens – home to some of the biggest rollercoasters – SeaWorld, and the original, and arguably still the best, Disneyland. You could spend your entire trip visiting these parks, and many people do. They may be a little bit pricey and they don’t offer the highest cultural experience, but where else in the world are you going to get to play out your movie star fantasies, adventure into an underwater world or even sign yourself up for American Idol and embarrass yourself on American TV.

Universal Studios in Orlando, FloridaAfter you have either entertained the kids, or enjoyed being one yourself, there are quite a few other highlights to be had on a trip to Orlando. Being California, there’s a tremendous collection of spas and health centres. There’s no end of luxurious places for you to spend the days pampering yourself. And if that’s not your thing either, or you want to get your husband out of the way so that you can stay in the spa a little longer, there are plenty of golf courses to while away the hours on too.


Space station in Orlando FloridaHidden behind the glare of the theme parks there’s also some genuine culture to be explored in Orlando. Whether it is the City Arts Factory, where you can look at the art or relax in their classy coffee house, the glass exhibit, or the world famous Blue Man Group concerts, you can fulfil a few slightly less guilty pleasures in Orlando too.

Orlando is one of the great family holiday destinations. Take them there before they grow up; just make sure that you take some time to enjoy the other sights once you get there.

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