Oakland is a large metropolitan city noted more for its urban communities and architecture. Just outside the city however, visitors are treated to some of the most pleasant countryside in the USA, the rolling California hills and San Francisco Bay area.Travelup ReviewsNo trip to Oakland could be considered complete without a trip to explore the breath taking countryside of surrounding California. Due to the region’s wonderfully warm climate, it’s always good weather for hiking around Oakland. Whether you’re after relaxing rolling hills, city vistas, waterside strolls or even more adventurous mountain climbing, the land around Oakland has it all. Five of the most popular hikes and walking trips accessible quickly from Oakland include;

- Batteries to Bluffs Trail

This short waterside trail provides idyllic views of birds and boats drifting across the San Francisco Bay, as well as dynamic views of monuments like the enormous Golden Gate Bridge that straddles it.

- Muir Woods and Tourist Club Loop

For a gentle family forestry jaunt this hike is perfect. Taking you through forests of giant redwood trees, the Muir Woods are awe inspiring, thought provoking as well as relaxing.

- Mount Diablo’s Grand Loop

For a little bit more adventure Mount Diablo provides vast panoramic views of the whole San Francisco Bay area, meaning you can look back to where you’ve come from Oakland.

- Steep Ravine via Matt Davis, Mt Talmapais

Cut by thousands of years of water coursing through, Steep Ravine is an enchanting hidden gem in beautiful Marin County’s crown.

- Sibley Volcanic Geology Hike

For something a bit different, the Sibley Valley is formed by the lava flow of a long extinct volcano. What remains today, is a fascinating landscape of igneous rock formations and old magma tunnels. The geology hike is a great way to engage kids in geology.

It’s easy to get out of the city and into the countryside either by hiring a car or taking advantage of Oakland’s excellent public transport network. You can find details on Oakland transportation through the Travelup Reviews website or arrange car hire through the main Travelup website. Travelup are highly regarded travel agents who offer a range of great deals on travel packages to destinations all around the world, and are perfect to advise any travellers looking to get on their feet and explore the countryside of California.

Orlando is a city most famous for its proximity to the Disneyland theme park. For millions of families a year Orlando is little more than a stopping off point before heading down to Disneyland. Savvy travellers know that there’s much more to Orlando however, as well as the city’s own mix of modern culture and parks, Orlando’s other great attraction is the world famous Cape Canaveral. Orlando is just under an hour’s drive away from Cape Canaveral and so perfectly situated for a visitor’s attraction that is literally out of this world.TravelupCape Canaveral is famous and of incredible significance all over the world as the jewel of the US space program. The site, on the east end of Merritt Island on the Atlantic coast, was selected to be the location of the Kennedy Space centre where the vast majority of US space missions are launched from.  The location on Merritt Island was chosen partly because it was sparsely populated; meaning less people were at danger from potential accidents, but also due to the island’s southern location. Rocket scientists found that, due to the Earth’s curvature, linear velocity was greatest closer to the equator; this makes it’s easier for rocket taking off to escape the Earth’s atmosphere.

The vast majority of US space missions have been carried out from Cape Canaveral, including the iconic Apollo missions. Cape Canaveral was where Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins launched in Apollo 11 to become the first people in human history to set foot on the Moon. Viewed live by over 500 million people around the world, the Apollo 11 Moon Landing is possibly the most impressive achievement of human history to date and Cape Canaveral is the place that made it possible. Disneyland can’t really compete with that.

Although the Space Shuttle program has finished, visitors can still come to see rockets launching into space on missions of science and exploration. Cape Canaveral also has extensive visitor’s centres that bring its inspirational history to life.

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The United States of America aren’t running short on iconic monuments. The USA is home to landmarks such as the Grand Canyon, the Empire State Building even Cape Canaveral, but few of these memorable monuments have quite the same inspirational appeal or cultural significance as the Statue of Liberty. No visit to New York is complete without stopping off to pay homage to the colossal statue built to embody the American dream.
TravelupThe Statue of Liberty is a huge neoclassical statue of Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom. The statue embodies the principles of freedom, justice and opportunity.  Standing on Liberty Island, it rises triumphantly over the Hudson River to welcome all new coming settlers to the country. Throughout the twentieth century the millions of worldwide migrants to the USA sailing in up the Hudson River, were inspired by the bold statue.

The statue was actually a French creation gifted to America in 1886. The design was by architect Frederic Bartholdi. Bartholdi in fact had a penchant for giant statues: he’d previously spent years proposing a replica Colossus to be built at the entrance to the Suez Canal. His Statue of Liberty was agreed upon to mark the centenary of the USA and cement relations between the USA and France.

Bartholdi built a twin statue in Paris that the American statue was copied from and shipped across the ocean limb by limb. Visitors to Paris today are still regularly surprised to see the original Statue of Liberty rising over the Seine, but slightly embarrassingly dwarfed by the nearby Eiffel Tower.

No replica can compare to the New York Statue of Liberty though. No other monument has so effectively captured American ideals of freedom as well as the unembarrassed sense of bold ambition that is the American dream. It is a statue that inspired generations of American settlers and still strikes awe into the hearts of those who visit.

Liberty Island is open to visitors by regular ferry rides, although the statue can be seen and enjoyed from almost anywhere around the Hudson. Visiting details to Liberty Island, as well as travel and accommodation information for New York is available on Travelup Reviews. Travelup Reviews contains a comprehensive collection of essential information on many destinations; it is then easy to book any vacation through the Travelup website.

Thailand is a country which is packed to the brim with culture and incredible attractions; without a doubt, its crowning glory is its capital, Bangkok. Filled with magnificent architecture, lavishly decorated temples and colourful markets, the city is a feast for the senses. Travelup clients name Bangkok as one of their favourite places to visit – here are a few of the sights which they recommend.

If you’re less inclined towards the cosmopolitan attractions of the city, and are more interested in the ‘real’ Bangkok, a trip to one of the floating markets is a must. One of the busiest and most fascinating is Bang Khu Wiang, which stays open seven days a week. Here, you can purchase fresh fruit and veg, as well as handcrafted jewellery and clothing, which is piled high the boat stalls – be prepared to haggle, as stall owners expect this, and may even be offended if you don’t!

Architecture fanatics will adore the Grand Palace, and the temple Wat Phra Kaew which can be found inside this complex. The palace was constructed in the late eighteenth century and served as the seat of the country’s king for a century and a half. Wat Phra Kaew is home to the world famous Emerald Buddha, which is several feet tall and made from pure jade. This temple is considered to be the spiritual centre of Thailand, and is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, as it has a very peaceful, welcoming atmosphere. Another temple frequently mentioned in Travelup reviews is Wat Arun. This is located on the banks of the River Chao Phraya, and is a beautiful sight indeed. Decorated with pieces of porcelain and glass, it’s a particularly stunning place to visit at dawn, as the rays of the sun reflect off the walls and create a glimmering effect.


Travelup customers rarely miss out on a trip to China Town (Yaowarat) when in Bangkok. This is a great place for an afternoon stroll on a hot day; the atmosphere is electric, particularly during celebratory times, such as Chinese New Year, when thousands and thousands of residents take part in parades and parties on the streets. Amongst the endless rows of wooden houses and shops here you’ll find authentic Chinese restaurants (serving everything from Shark fin soup to Dim Sum), as well as market stalls selling herbal remedies, gold jewellery and traditional Chinese clothing and souvenirs.

You’ll never be short on things to do when you visit Orlando – in fact, you may find that you can’t fit in everything you want to see and do during your holiday to this city. To help you choose which attractions to visit, Travelup offers some more information about the most popular spots in Orlando.

You can’t mention Orlando without discussing the Disney World Resort; although the city has plenty to offer aside from this, it remains one of the most well loved attractions here, with many Travelup reviews citing this resort as their favourite attraction in Orlando. The resort is made up of four theme parks, including Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot Centre and Magic Kingdom.

You can visit each one individually, or alternatively a ‘hopper’ pass can be purchased, so that you can take a trip around each one. Thrills and spills, classic children’s film characters and an abundance of places to dine make this a great place for a day, or even a week of fun.

Another option for theme park enthusiasts is Universal Orlando – this is made up of two different parks, namely Universal Studios Florida, and Universal Islands of Adventure. Here, Travelup explains, adults and children alike can experience their favourite cartoons, comic books, movies and stories in the form of cutting edge thrill rides and live shows.

Universal Orlando Travelup

SeaWorld Orland is a must for anyone who loves water rides and non-stop action; this attraction is home to shows, featuring whales and various other aquatic creatures, as well as fireworks, fountains and plenty of gravity defying rides. Another nature-based attraction which is popular with tourists is Discovery Cove, which allows visitors to get a glimpse of life in the tropics. You can relax on the beach snorkel with stingrays and fish, swim with the dolphins or feed tropical birds.

For anyone interested in reptiles, Travelup says that a trip to Orlando would not be complete without a visit to ‘Gatorland’, home to thousands upon thousands of crocodiles and alligators. You can meet the creatures face to face at the petting zoo, take in a show or view the breeding marsh.

Many travel analysts agree that New York City is arguably the most sprawling and vibrant in the world, occupying 5 main neighbourhoods  with each having its own unique identity.

Travelup Reviews reveal that Manhattan borough is home to some of the most recognisable New York sites, dominating a popular perception of New York City. Some of the most famous regions include the Financial District and Wall Street, where investment banks coexist with landmarks such as the Trinity Church. The World Trade Centre was also in this district, until the tragic destruction in 2001, however today you can visit a memorial and a museum under construction.

If you are keen on African American studies, then you must visit Harlem while in New York, which is home to the Harlem renaissance and arguably, the country’s most cultural, artistic and literally district. You will appreciate the many southern restaurants and jazz clubs in the district says Travelup.

A visit to the Manhattan district is incomplete without a visit to the Hell’s Kitchen and Times Square. You will find numerous souvenir shops, Broadway musicals, and enormous billboards. A few blocks to the west, you find the famous Hell’s Kitchen, which is a community filled with bars, shops, eclectic restaurants, and the actors temple. Travelup Reviews

The other notable region include the Greenwich Village, which has some of the most expensive town houses in New York state, has a wide range of music clubs, bars and shops. The East Village is multi ethnic, in which young professionals and students have gone a long way to redevelop. Travelup Reviews say you are most likely to find vegetarian restaurants, craft shops, cafes, art exhibitions among others.

This is a huge borough stretching from the elegant Brooklyn Heights, to the festive Coney Island, but regardless of where they originate from, the dwellers are largely proud of their borough. Some of the attractions that they are proud of and that you will appreciate as well include the Brooklyn botanical garden, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Brooklyn museum.

If you love baseball, then you must visit Bronx, which is home to the New York Yankees as well as a well-manicured botanical garden. Lastly, end your travelup trip in Queens if you want to experience cosmopolitan lifestyle and cuisine, including cheap ethnic restaurants. This is also home to the Flushing Meadows and the Moving Image.